Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slow Going....

I think I have become lazy!  How did I find the time to do all I did??  I think there are times when we look back and wonder how we did it.  It's easy, because we had to!  I have scaled back and find that for some reason I want to ramp it up again!

Am I insane?!?

No, not from my point of view.  I love doing what I love doing.  So what does that mean?  I love to teach!  I am looking to add on again!  This time teaching yoga, just plain simple straight forward yoga, no mix, nothing fancy, just yoga.  I am hoping for now at Lifetime.  I have applied and waiting.....

In the meantime it's all about training and running two marathons!  Which has also lead to physical therapy cause a particular glute muscle doesn't want to cooperate, but it will get there.  Onward!

I have also given up gluten, and have felt so much better for it, there are still tweaks that I need to take care of, it's a learning process and I love all the blogs that I have come across that have helped me in this process.

Tomorrow a 14 mile run and lots of peanut butter from my favorite peanut butter company, perfectly named Peanut Butter & Company, still waiting to try the Mighty Maple!