Sunday, April 29, 2012

Got up extra early (3:45 am, I actually popped awake then!) on a Sunday morning so I could get my 16 mile run is before D needed to leave for his cycling race at 7:30.  I have to say, if today would have been a race day, it would have been good!

I noticed after my run that my travel mug for my coffee had a leak in it and my coffee was cold.  So, I came home to brew more in our Keurig!  Love the Island Coconut, really I love coconut in general and the smell is heavenly, but not as much as I love peanut butter!  My last post featured Peanut Butter Gu and yes that was taken mid run today too.

Peanut Butter & Company had some new gift packs!  Three peanut butters, two Bob's Red Mill oatmeal packages and this cool breakfast mug.  It comes with a lid and it's own spoon.  Can be microwaved and the dishwasher.

I highly suggest going to their sites and checking it out! Peanut Butter & Co.  If your a peanut butter fanatic, like I am, you will be hooked by the peanut butter.  They have a spicy peanut butter I have yet to try, but it is in my cabinet.

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