Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today was an epic day!  I totally thought that my lingering groin injury was going to be my Achilles heel!  Instead, I found the will and the strength to not only finish the Detroit Marathon, but also qualify for Boston.  My time, 3:36:19, just enough!

I finished school a week ago, so now I have an MBA in finance.  I am also working on getting my baking business going.  Anxiously awaiting Sweet Treats to open in Commerce where I will be selling some of my tasty treats.  Some are vegan, gluten free, and then there are just normal full fat tasty muffins.  I will be posting pictures and working more on this blog as well.

I recently discovered that Earth Balance has an awesome crunchy peanut butter with coconut oil.  I absolutely adore it.  Check out their site for where you can get your jar!!  I use it on everything!  Which lately has been a Paleo pancake (soon to post as well).

Ok, so far this is it for today!  Stryker Doo says see ya soon!

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