Sunday, November 25, 2012

So, I'm sitting here on the couch under a blanket (heated) since it is cold here.  Winter hasn't even begun yet!  I ran for 2 hours this morning at Lifetime Fitness, then weight training for an hour with Coach B.  Lifetime was running a great special this weekend.  Facial, Mani/Pedi, and Massage for $99!  I missed it the last time it came around and wasn't about to miss it this time!  After all my training my left knee gave out....  I am not happy, with another marathon coming up in January I need to be injury free!!

So my favorite breakfast has been the Paleo Pancake.  I happen to make mine with 3 egg whites, a banana and cinnamon.  I of course top it with Peanut Butter & Co peanut butter.  I go between many of their flavors.  My favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin, then White Chocolate Wonderful.  I love the Maple, Dark Chocolate and Bee Knee's too!  So, I guess I love them all.  I am a peanut butter addict after all.

On that note, I made a recent online purchase from Nikki's Coconut Butter, I am eager to try it and bought the sampler pack, since I have read so much about it from Tina at Carrotsncake.  How could I resist!?

Since I have no other pictures yet, here is a picture of Boo Kitty

Soon I will be posting up all of my baking that I have been selling at a local shop called Sweet Treats in Commerce, a definite must!