Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breakfast Favorite! and going Paleo

I have embarked on a new eating journey, which of course has my sister freaked!  No grain!!  But how will you get your carbs in?!?  Yes, I have gone Paleo!  Well, it's a work in progress.  I'm not 100% everyday.

I have been eating this for breakfast for a while now, which would be almost perfect, but it's peanut butter.... not paleo but have to work through it, don't want to waste perfectly good peanut butter!!
This breakfast favorite is a 4 egg white protein pancake made with almond milk and Veganmax protein powder, peanut butter, and 4 egg whites on the side.  I have seen so many versions of this pancake, mostly made with banana or I have even tried pumpkin.  I have no idea the true origin of this recipe, but have tweaked it to my liking!  Black coffee, of course!  I don't think I really want to give that up at this time, at least I don't sweeten it anymore!

I have to say I have been feeling really good by following this way of eating!  No digestive stress and my face is becoming more clear everyday!  I can tell when I have something that I shouldn't, since breakouts make themselves know!

I have also tried Steve's Original Paleo Trail Mix, which was wonderful!  I certainly flew down to Florida for Disney's Marathon and on the plane this was the perfect meal!  Even if you don't follow Paleo but love trail mixes, this is one to check out!  I also would never have thought that grass fed beef would have such a huge different in taste, but WOW I don't want to eat anything else!

It has started out to be a lazy Sunday with the pups, but we will soon be off for some trail running in the cold!  I think they will look the same as they do right now when we are finished!