Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday and it happens to be Easter

I think that I am too stressed with doing a full autoimmune profile, which I have been told that if it stresses you it is pointless to do.  I may abandon it today.  The nightshades and spices don't really concern me so much, since I have already taken those out.  The nuts, eggs and chocolate are the biggest stresses! Followed by coffee, I can easily switch to decaf and even the Dandy Blend I have been having is a fine substitution.

Here is Friday's recap!

5am wake up, followed by a pretty good Power Kitchen Yoga with the Boo.  Then breakfast:

Dandy Blend is really tasty, sounds weird but I first heard about it from Carrots'N'Cake.  That was the best part of the day!  Friday dragged and I was super tired, a few occasional bouts with a headache but would quickly pass.  I spent me lunch our at the grocery store but had enough time to get a 10 minute nap before heading back into work.  I was hungry, tired but not crabby.  But, the whole time I felt that I was so restricted by what I couldn't eat it drove me a bit crazy!

Saturday I got up and had a pretty similar breakfast to Friday - Dandy blend with vanilla coconut milk, Italian sausage link, and greens/veggie mix in coconut oil.  Next I headed to the gym for an appointment for a Run Lead position at my gym - fingers crossed.  After I had less than an hour to workout.  30 minutes in the elliptical and a quick 20 all over weight workout.  Legs, back, chest and abs - with a few mountain climbers and squat jumps in between.  I got home in time to quickly get ready.  D and I had to go to his Aunt Betty's 90th birthday party.  It was a nice time, but there was nothing there I could eat except some lettuce - and the dessert table looked so good.  I more wanted actually food and could easily skip the dessert.  Two hours later and a very cranky me - we left.  D asked what I wanted - Jimmy Johns sounded pretty good!  I got the Country Club in a lettuce wrap, without mayo, tomato and added avocado spread and cucumber.  It turns out it's not many calories - 140 so this was more like a snack! It still hit the spot!

We went to Somerset Mall to return some items and find some work shirts for D.  Wouldn't you know it, we found them in the last store we went to!  We got home after a couple hours, let the pups out and headed to dinner - Noodles & Co.  Chinese Chopped salad minus red peppers, fried wontons and dressing and adding broccoli and pulled pork - tasty!!

Easter Sunday

Today wasn't anything special - got up and made breakfast and seriously considering abandoning the autoimmune protocol for now.  As Charissa from Balanced Bites stated, if it causes too much stress then don't do it cause the stress will over ride any healthy change you are trying to make.  I think there are some tweaks I can definitely do, like nightshades.  Per Sarah, from The Paleo Mom - try cutting out nightshades first - the most important thing is to adopt a paleo lifestyle for at least 5 to 7 months and then make changes as needed.  Great Point!!  I love my eggs and almond butter too much right now to take them out.

SO, after the gym I went to Plum Market and got my whole Rotisserie chicken.  I typically will eat the drumsticks and wings for lunch and cut up the rest to lunches during the week.  I prepped the rest of the veggies and cleaned house.

D got home from his ride - I think he said he did 50-ish miles today.  He was starving when he got home so I made him gluten free pancakes with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co and bacon.  I tried a pancake that didn't turn out real great.  It was 2 egg yolks (since whites can be problematic...) a banana and coconut milk and Trader Joe's Sunflower nut butter.  I also topped it with some too!  It was good, but not quite what I was looking for, but I wasn't very hungry, the chicken from lunch really filled me up!  I also drank some Strawberry Serenity Kombucha - love that stuff and hadn't had any all week!

Have some new products I am trying out and will talk about those sometime this week!  As I type here is my usual view!  Puppies to my right!

Boodles to my left - and close!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Autoimmune Paleo Profile! Day 1 tomorrow

OK, so I think I am a bit lazy at times..... or just really busy at night trying to get things done!  Maybe a little of both!  I am going to follow a strict paleo autoimmune profile for the next two weeks to fix my "leaky gut" and repair my adrenals and thyroid.  My two weeks will end with a visit to the specialist, so my fingers are crossed that my blood work will come back good!

Oh, and the Martian Half Marathon is the day after!!  So, I am hoping that I will be feeling really well for that!  Lots of energy!!  Of course, my knee is still bothering me.  Next week I am going to start rehab, cause this is ridiculous.  I want to be injury free before training starts for Detroit's marathon in July.

So first, I should probably recap the week!  This week was Passover so Monday and Tuesday night was spent with the family!!

My dad busy in the kitchen, prepping food.

Every year he makes gefilte fish - so good!! 

My sister made Salmon cakes and veggie puffs... there were other foods as well!

My dinner plate!  A little of everything! Brisket with carrots, chicken, brussel sprouts, haroset, broccoli, veggie puff, sweet potatoes, gefilte fish - Yum!!

Silly time!!

My dad's favorite thing to do!  Being with his grand kids!

Tuesday dinner was at Knollwood Country Club - they did a nice and fast Seder

It was a very fun night!

Tonight is my last night for eggs and nut butters for a few weeks, so I made 2 ingredient paleo pancakes with sunflower nut butter and bacon!  The "pancake" is 4 ounces sweet potato and 2 whole eggs.

Tomorrow - No caffeine, eggs, nuts and nut butters, nightshades and certain spices.  I haven't decided what I am going to add first after 2 weeks - eggs or nut butter, decisions decisions!  Not sure which I will miss more - or even the caffeine!!  I love my morning coffee and will be switching to decaf teas.  It's something!

This time I am hoping to post everyday, since I think this will be much more difficult than the sugar detox was.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Detox End... kinda of!


Some days I just feel I eat way too much, and then there are those days where I can't get enough.  I still have issues with holding on to my calories for night time consumption!  Why do I do that?

The pups too want to know why I don't give them oodles of calories as well!!  They could eat a 28# bag in one sitting and not care!

Breakfast was no different today then what it has been - so no picture.  Lunch, no picture but different! I tried to do a banana sunflower butter pancake.  It cam out more like a thick sauce, so I used it to top some pork and lamb sausages with broccoli slaw.  I have to say though, it looked really gross, but tasted great!

Dinner we went to Noodles & Co - I had the Chinese Chop Salad with pork -minus the dressing and wontons.  D had the Japanese Pan Noodles with Chicken.

After dinner we went to REI - we got our dividend check and were anxious to spend!  We just got some staples - Gu's, Nuun and a bandanna - I know, random things!

How did I do on the 21-Day Sugar Detox?  Not as good as I really hoped!  The downfall happened last week when I really needed to up my carb intake for all the racing I was doing.  Really, the races were not long, it was the intensity.  I craved more sugar and would have it at night more than during the day.  It probably wasn't the best time to do the detox, since I couldn't really keep it going the whole time, maybe summer? or just before.  I do have a half marathon next month.  I'm actually running that for my Sunday long run (13.1 miles).


This is a combined weekend post.  It's Sunday evening, the end of the detox officially (which was only a partial detox!).  I have to say that I still kept my sugar's low.  This mornings breakfast was the remainder of my pork and Mediterranean lamb sausage, with a blend of mixed greens and cauliflower.  I have adopted adding Nikki's Coconut Butter to my coffee - I have used Vanilla Cake Batter and Hazelnut Brownie Batter.  Both are fabulous!  If you go to Civilized Caveman Cooking, there is a coupon code for % off and you get to see some of the fabulous creations he has there!!  I have made his paleo banana bread and it is the best ever and the next time I make them I am going to do muffins and drizzle chocolate on top!

The views for the day!
After my shorter run (10 miles) I went to Plum Market and bought some local artisan chocolate and a rotisserie chicken - which became my lunch - the wings and drumsticks.  I finished the afternoon by making veggies for the week and dessert for tomorrow. 

 Passover dessert is Chocolate Flour-less Cake.  It's an easy recipe of Eggs, Organic Chocolate (no soy lecithin) and butter.  I will take pictures tomorrow at dinner and post the whole recipe.

Well, winding down for the night, will come up with more tomorrow.... till then!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid Week! YES!!

Breakfast foods!!

Yes, even though these breakfast's look almost identical - they were from each day this week!  I just have been too a little busy to post each day.  Not that this day is any less busy than the last two, but none the less I needed to post!.

After a crazy race weekend Monday was Kitchen Yoga with the Boo!  He did practice his asanas as well!  Tuesday and today were gym days - I shorted my cardio time to get some lifting in.  Today I picked up heavier things, put them down and repeated!  Tomorrow will be a more cardio goal day.  I have the Martian half marathon coming up next month and my knee is no better.  I am basically running one day a week - Sunday, which are my long runs.  I really need to rehab it after the next race.  I have some big goals to accomplish in the next year and want to be injury free and stay that way!

 I was just looking on Facebook and I saw that Nikki's Coconut Butter would be good in coffee!!  I am seriously trying that in the morning!!  The Vanilla Cake Batter will be delightful!!

 Another one of my morning add-ons - Sauerkraut - this is the brand this week.  I am curious to try Bubbie's that I have heard so much about.  Lunch has been close to identical of breakfast - minus the eggs, more veggies and different protein options.

This was dinner tonight - Grass fed ground beef, avocado, spinach, broccoli slaw (cooked), broccoli and cauliflower.

This week has been very trying!  I went out to eat last night with my dad and sister and the chef wouldn't prepare my dinner like I wanted it - which was minus rice! Really.... that was all I asked and so I resorted to getting something I didn't even want.  Oh well!  Work has been a total stress ball too!!  I am hoping to get my work hours changed a bit too, so fingers crossed!

So another day of stressed and being harassed about not eating grain and that not being "healthy".  OK, so I am over it, for now!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Race Weekend!

Bad me.... I haven't posted a thing since Friday and now it's Sunday night!

So everything was pretty typical as far as food goes, though I did up the carbs by way of the sweet potato!  I was definitely higher in sugars due to an all race weekend!

Friday morning breakfast - tasty as usual!  Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and bacon!

Then add the eggs!

Close up of that bacon and sweet potato!

Saturday was an early one!  I was up by 4:30 to be ready for the Indoor Tri at Life Time.  Before the race I ate some sweet potatoes and almond butter.

After the race I came home to eggs, the last of the corned beef and veggies.  I didn't do much else besides laundry and a well deserved nap!

Dinner we met up with D's parents and brother at Peabody's in Birmingham.  I love their California Cobb - I take out the cheese, onions and dressing - The chicken is perfect with the combo of bacon and avocado!

Sunday morning was not quite as early, but early!  I had to be in Plymouth for the Shamrock and Roll 10k.  It was a sea of green!  I added on my green with some fun socks and clover stickers all over.  I again had sweet potatoes and almond butter, since it worked well yesterday.

The run was good, but it was too cold for me (24F!!) and my races always suffer because of it.  I had a good race either way, but could have been better!  

I got home from the run and made egg/pumpkin pancake with almond butter and coffee.  D and I needed to take Penny in to the vet after I got cleaned up.  We found a lump by her shoulder that ended up being nothing, so yeah!!

Cute Penny Pic!!

I went to Whole Foods after that I picked up a few groceries and their rotisserie chicken.  I pull that off the bone and had the wings and drumsticks for lunch with some brussel sprouts, cabbage and sauerkraut.  I was pretty good - can't seem to get enough protein lately.

Dinner we went to Olga's - I got their Orchard Salad with chicken, strawberries and sunflower seeds no dressing or breads.  It was pretty good, but I like the Mediterranean salad better.

So, now I am going to wind down for the night - it has been a higher sugar weekend.  I think it can be a bit difficult to do a sugar detox and have a busy race weekend.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

21-Day SUgar Detox - Day 11!

Day 11 - Thursday

Today was all the same foods - so seems kinda silly to repost again all the same foods.   I know I have done it for the last 10 days, so why should today be any different?  Who knows -because it's Thursday?!

I decided to stay home this morning and get an extra hour of sleep rather then going to the gym.  I figured I will be there early Saturday morning for the indoor Tri anyway.  So today's work out was from!  I love HIIT workouts!  I did the My Booty Rocks! HIIT Body #2 from December 18th.  Took me 45 minutes to get through, ruff!!

After that was clean up and eat!!  Can you guess what I had?  Yep!! You got it!

Ok, so I put the picture in!

I had to leave for work early and take my car to the shop to get the pothole damage repaired, which was easy peasy!

Work was a drag!  It is so slow this last week - not sure what was up.  So while I made calls and sat on hold, I decided I wanted to get my hair cut today and do it during lunch!  I made a couple calls and presto!  When 2 pm rolled around I would have some sweeping bangs!

Lunch wasn't completely filling today so I added on a bag of almonds and went and got coffee after my do!

By the time I got home I was starving.  I made D's chocolate cake and got to work on bacon and pancakes!!  Oh yes!  If it's Thursday night it's pancake night!!

I have to admit - I slipped up and had chocolate today!  I am probably just having this mental thing going since I have two races this weekend and my mind is saying - it's ok to have the sugar.  It's not ruined, just a minor glitch! Maybe a little stressed?  

I did get my blood work back and I have thyroid issues and possible autoimmune.  I plan on looking into following an autoimmune profile from Balanced Bites and/or The Paleo Mom.

The pups say good night and are looking forward to many downward dogs in the morning.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

21-Day Sugar Detox - Day 10!

Day 10 - Wednesday!

Mid-week!  It's about time, but it really didn't turn out to be the best day I have had!

Getting sugar out was not very difficult, since I was heading that way anyway.  I did go too low carb last week and suffered for it, which is why I think I got this head cold!  It is getting better.

So.... this morning I got up - I think I was actually dreaming of sweet potatoes - odd, I know!

I got up and went to Life Time Fitness - I was on the elliptical for 25 minutes and then I went to the other side and I picked things up and put them back down! LOL  It was a combo of stability on the boss pulling a weight strapped on my foot (running man), follow by squats, abs, lunges and presses.

I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I hurried to get cleaned up for my favorite meal of the day - Breakfast!!! Yummy!!

Today was a combo of sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil and chicken sausage!

Here is the Natural Calm I have been using every morning - it is really good.  I like the orange flavor better than the raspberry-lemon.

I dropped my car off to get an oil change this morning and had to walk in the snowy cold!  Ok, so it was right down the street and like a 2 minute walk, but it was really windy and slippery!

Lunch was a repeat  of salmon and veggies and avocado.

After I ate I had a few errands to run, as usual and pick up my car.  I learned that the pot hole I hit on Sunday did some damage and had to call the insurance company to get a claim.  So, tomorrow I am dropping my car off for repairs.  When I got back from doing all that in my hour I ate a pack of plain almonds.  I have been told repeatedly that I still need to put on weight.

Dinner was pretty tasty, though I think I need to take nightshades out for a while - that means the chicken tortilla-less soup I ate out of the question.  I also added some corned beef, since there really was no chicken in the soup and some carrots and green beans.

Dessert - I actually switched it up!  Banana bread from the Civilized Caveman with Barney Butter and Nikki's Coconut Butter.

I also made and froze Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from the Mommy Bowl, but made them into muffins.  Yes, they have sugar and chocolate, but that is why they are in the freezer - for after the detox.  Maybe not right after but at some point.  I don't think the pictures do them justice!

Tomorrow I am debating on going to the gym early or doing a home workout, just not sure quite yet and I need to decide.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

21-Day Sugar Detox - Day 9

Day 9 - Tuesday!

Early morning workout at Life Time Fitness - Warm up on the elliptical followed by a 3 mile easy run.  Which felt really good - knee didn't bother me at all  Did a little weights, but will focus more on that tomorrow morning.  When I got home I decided to make brownies for the office!  

Peanut Butter Pretzel Swirl Brownies!

Breakfast - Coffee, sweet potato, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts

Topped with 2 eggs and chicken sausage!  Don't be surprised if you see this tomorrow too!

Morning wasn't too busy at work, but reviews were being done and I was getting hungry for lunch!  Which was a repeat of last night's dinner of corned beef.  After I got back from a lunch trip to Target I snack on a few almonds to hold me over till dinner.

Tuesday night is dinner out with dad and one of my sister's (oldest is in Florida!).  We try to go to a different or one of our favorites!  It's one of the best parts of my week and we all look forward to the time together!  Tonight we went to a new restaurant called Genji in Novi.

Again, no pictures, cause they already think I am weird enough!  I got the Vegetable delight with filet mignon, no rice.  There was a little too much sauce for my liking but very good.  We certainly look forward to going there again, there were 9 pages to feast our eyes on!  Maybe next week we will go back for more!

Tomorrow morning another early morning - prepping for a race filled weekend!

Monday, March 11, 2013

21-Day Sugar Detox - Day 8!

Day 8 - Monday!!

Morning kitchen yoga with the Boo kitty!

I think he still looks sleepy!  Got up an hour later then I usually do, trying to get more sleep, but woke up 45 minutes earlier!
 Savasana wake up call!  He likes to be on the mat the whole time!

Next on the to do was breakfast - above veggies, before the egg and chicken sausage. 

After with them added - love it!  Also had Fermented Cod Liver/Butter Oil blend from Green Pasture.

Today, I took to work with me a new green tea I found at Plum Market yesterday - Yogi Tea - Green Tea Kombucha.  I am always looking for something in the afternoon to drink and this was perfect!

Another find is Hint water - nothing bad added and very mild in taste, I added my Natural Calm Magnesium to this for the morning drive.

Morning was busy at work and before I knew it, it was time for lunch!

Roasted Chicken, with spaghetti squash, pea pods, brussel sprouts, butternut squash and carrots.  Felt really good after this nice lunch!  I wish it was on a plate, but at work this is far easier since I eat at my desk and work.  I missed some needed fat at lunch and had a Barney Butter squeeze pack to satisfy me until dinner.

I got home and had one thing in mind for dinner, but didn't have everything needed, so I made D a salad and a mock salad for me.

Corned beef with avocado, sweet potato, green beans, avocado, zucchini, spinach, cauliflower and mushrooms with a couple pieces of pickled ginger

Dessert - you guessed it! Cocoa Coconut mush with Barney Butter Bare!

I haven't had any true cravings for sweets, been pretty satisfied.  I was pretty low with my carbs which definitely had an impact on myself and how I couldn't power through a work out very well.  That has been fixed rather easily, so I don't foresee any other issues!

Tomorrow is another early morning, D has to get up early as well!  I am prepping this week for my indoor Tri and 10k run  -will be a busy weekend!