Wednesday, March 13, 2013

21-Day Sugar Detox - Day 10!

Day 10 - Wednesday!

Mid-week!  It's about time, but it really didn't turn out to be the best day I have had!

Getting sugar out was not very difficult, since I was heading that way anyway.  I did go too low carb last week and suffered for it, which is why I think I got this head cold!  It is getting better.

So.... this morning I got up - I think I was actually dreaming of sweet potatoes - odd, I know!

I got up and went to Life Time Fitness - I was on the elliptical for 25 minutes and then I went to the other side and I picked things up and put them back down! LOL  It was a combo of stability on the boss pulling a weight strapped on my foot (running man), follow by squats, abs, lunges and presses.

I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I hurried to get cleaned up for my favorite meal of the day - Breakfast!!! Yummy!!

Today was a combo of sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil and chicken sausage!

Here is the Natural Calm I have been using every morning - it is really good.  I like the orange flavor better than the raspberry-lemon.

I dropped my car off to get an oil change this morning and had to walk in the snowy cold!  Ok, so it was right down the street and like a 2 minute walk, but it was really windy and slippery!

Lunch was a repeat  of salmon and veggies and avocado.

After I ate I had a few errands to run, as usual and pick up my car.  I learned that the pot hole I hit on Sunday did some damage and had to call the insurance company to get a claim.  So, tomorrow I am dropping my car off for repairs.  When I got back from doing all that in my hour I ate a pack of plain almonds.  I have been told repeatedly that I still need to put on weight.

Dinner was pretty tasty, though I think I need to take nightshades out for a while - that means the chicken tortilla-less soup I ate out of the question.  I also added some corned beef, since there really was no chicken in the soup and some carrots and green beans.

Dessert - I actually switched it up!  Banana bread from the Civilized Caveman with Barney Butter and Nikki's Coconut Butter.

I also made and froze Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from the Mommy Bowl, but made them into muffins.  Yes, they have sugar and chocolate, but that is why they are in the freezer - for after the detox.  Maybe not right after but at some point.  I don't think the pictures do them justice!

Tomorrow I am debating on going to the gym early or doing a home workout, just not sure quite yet and I need to decide.

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