Thursday, March 14, 2013

21-Day SUgar Detox - Day 11!

Day 11 - Thursday

Today was all the same foods - so seems kinda silly to repost again all the same foods.   I know I have done it for the last 10 days, so why should today be any different?  Who knows -because it's Thursday?!

I decided to stay home this morning and get an extra hour of sleep rather then going to the gym.  I figured I will be there early Saturday morning for the indoor Tri anyway.  So today's work out was from!  I love HIIT workouts!  I did the My Booty Rocks! HIIT Body #2 from December 18th.  Took me 45 minutes to get through, ruff!!

After that was clean up and eat!!  Can you guess what I had?  Yep!! You got it!

Ok, so I put the picture in!

I had to leave for work early and take my car to the shop to get the pothole damage repaired, which was easy peasy!

Work was a drag!  It is so slow this last week - not sure what was up.  So while I made calls and sat on hold, I decided I wanted to get my hair cut today and do it during lunch!  I made a couple calls and presto!  When 2 pm rolled around I would have some sweeping bangs!

Lunch wasn't completely filling today so I added on a bag of almonds and went and got coffee after my do!

By the time I got home I was starving.  I made D's chocolate cake and got to work on bacon and pancakes!!  Oh yes!  If it's Thursday night it's pancake night!!

I have to admit - I slipped up and had chocolate today!  I am probably just having this mental thing going since I have two races this weekend and my mind is saying - it's ok to have the sugar.  It's not ruined, just a minor glitch! Maybe a little stressed?  

I did get my blood work back and I have thyroid issues and possible autoimmune.  I plan on looking into following an autoimmune profile from Balanced Bites and/or The Paleo Mom.

The pups say good night and are looking forward to many downward dogs in the morning.

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