Sunday, March 10, 2013

21-Day Sugar Detox - Day 7

Sunday!! Day 7

Well, we forgot about jumping are clocks ahead and thought it was 8:30, but no it was 9:30!  No big thing, just would get to the gym late - 12 instead of 11.  Sunday's are my long run day - today something between 10 and 13.  Headed to Life Time Fitness - though it was very nice outside to run, I ran indoors.  I ended up doing 11 and then jumped on the bike and rode 3.  So it counts right?!

Before that was breakfast.  I needed more carbs today so it was pancakes topped with Barney Butter Bare Crunchy and 3 slices of bacon - delish!

This was my view on the couch as I ate breakfast.  Very cute, little did they know they were getting a bath when I get home.

After my run I went to Plum Market for a few groceries and a quick lunch - love their salad bar - delish!

Focus on the meat! Yum!

 Here is what I got!  Salmon, bacon, chicken with mixed vegetables

As I cooked vegetables for the rest of the week, I did munch on a few and a little chicken that I was taking off the bone as I was fixing lunches for the next day.

I ate dinner really late -around 8:30 - just wasn't too hungry.  I know it doesn't look the greatest - chicken with sweet potato, cauliflower and barney butter bare.

I did forget, without realizing it - I took a bite of a See's Toffee-ette! SUGAR!! Oops!  Habit when I go to Plum Market!  I ignore all the other samples but the chocolate!  Well, I won't let it bother me at all.  Tomorrow is another day.

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