Thursday, March 28, 2013

Autoimmune Paleo Profile! Day 1 tomorrow

OK, so I think I am a bit lazy at times..... or just really busy at night trying to get things done!  Maybe a little of both!  I am going to follow a strict paleo autoimmune profile for the next two weeks to fix my "leaky gut" and repair my adrenals and thyroid.  My two weeks will end with a visit to the specialist, so my fingers are crossed that my blood work will come back good!

Oh, and the Martian Half Marathon is the day after!!  So, I am hoping that I will be feeling really well for that!  Lots of energy!!  Of course, my knee is still bothering me.  Next week I am going to start rehab, cause this is ridiculous.  I want to be injury free before training starts for Detroit's marathon in July.

So first, I should probably recap the week!  This week was Passover so Monday and Tuesday night was spent with the family!!

My dad busy in the kitchen, prepping food.

Every year he makes gefilte fish - so good!! 

My sister made Salmon cakes and veggie puffs... there were other foods as well!

My dinner plate!  A little of everything! Brisket with carrots, chicken, brussel sprouts, haroset, broccoli, veggie puff, sweet potatoes, gefilte fish - Yum!!

Silly time!!

My dad's favorite thing to do!  Being with his grand kids!

Tuesday dinner was at Knollwood Country Club - they did a nice and fast Seder

It was a very fun night!

Tonight is my last night for eggs and nut butters for a few weeks, so I made 2 ingredient paleo pancakes with sunflower nut butter and bacon!  The "pancake" is 4 ounces sweet potato and 2 whole eggs.

Tomorrow - No caffeine, eggs, nuts and nut butters, nightshades and certain spices.  I haven't decided what I am going to add first after 2 weeks - eggs or nut butter, decisions decisions!  Not sure which I will miss more - or even the caffeine!!  I love my morning coffee and will be switching to decaf teas.  It's something!

This time I am hoping to post everyday, since I think this will be much more difficult than the sugar detox was.

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