Sunday, March 24, 2013

Detox End... kinda of!


Some days I just feel I eat way too much, and then there are those days where I can't get enough.  I still have issues with holding on to my calories for night time consumption!  Why do I do that?

The pups too want to know why I don't give them oodles of calories as well!!  They could eat a 28# bag in one sitting and not care!

Breakfast was no different today then what it has been - so no picture.  Lunch, no picture but different! I tried to do a banana sunflower butter pancake.  It cam out more like a thick sauce, so I used it to top some pork and lamb sausages with broccoli slaw.  I have to say though, it looked really gross, but tasted great!

Dinner we went to Noodles & Co - I had the Chinese Chop Salad with pork -minus the dressing and wontons.  D had the Japanese Pan Noodles with Chicken.

After dinner we went to REI - we got our dividend check and were anxious to spend!  We just got some staples - Gu's, Nuun and a bandanna - I know, random things!

How did I do on the 21-Day Sugar Detox?  Not as good as I really hoped!  The downfall happened last week when I really needed to up my carb intake for all the racing I was doing.  Really, the races were not long, it was the intensity.  I craved more sugar and would have it at night more than during the day.  It probably wasn't the best time to do the detox, since I couldn't really keep it going the whole time, maybe summer? or just before.  I do have a half marathon next month.  I'm actually running that for my Sunday long run (13.1 miles).


This is a combined weekend post.  It's Sunday evening, the end of the detox officially (which was only a partial detox!).  I have to say that I still kept my sugar's low.  This mornings breakfast was the remainder of my pork and Mediterranean lamb sausage, with a blend of mixed greens and cauliflower.  I have adopted adding Nikki's Coconut Butter to my coffee - I have used Vanilla Cake Batter and Hazelnut Brownie Batter.  Both are fabulous!  If you go to Civilized Caveman Cooking, there is a coupon code for % off and you get to see some of the fabulous creations he has there!!  I have made his paleo banana bread and it is the best ever and the next time I make them I am going to do muffins and drizzle chocolate on top!

The views for the day!
After my shorter run (10 miles) I went to Plum Market and bought some local artisan chocolate and a rotisserie chicken - which became my lunch - the wings and drumsticks.  I finished the afternoon by making veggies for the week and dessert for tomorrow. 

 Passover dessert is Chocolate Flour-less Cake.  It's an easy recipe of Eggs, Organic Chocolate (no soy lecithin) and butter.  I will take pictures tomorrow at dinner and post the whole recipe.

Well, winding down for the night, will come up with more tomorrow.... till then!

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