Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid Week! YES!!

Breakfast foods!!

Yes, even though these breakfast's look almost identical - they were from each day this week!  I just have been too a little busy to post each day.  Not that this day is any less busy than the last two, but none the less I needed to post!.

After a crazy race weekend Monday was Kitchen Yoga with the Boo!  He did practice his asanas as well!  Tuesday and today were gym days - I shorted my cardio time to get some lifting in.  Today I picked up heavier things, put them down and repeated!  Tomorrow will be a more cardio goal day.  I have the Martian half marathon coming up next month and my knee is no better.  I am basically running one day a week - Sunday, which are my long runs.  I really need to rehab it after the next race.  I have some big goals to accomplish in the next year and want to be injury free and stay that way!

 I was just looking on Facebook and I saw that Nikki's Coconut Butter would be good in coffee!!  I am seriously trying that in the morning!!  The Vanilla Cake Batter will be delightful!!

 Another one of my morning add-ons - Sauerkraut - this is the brand this week.  I am curious to try Bubbie's that I have heard so much about.  Lunch has been close to identical of breakfast - minus the eggs, more veggies and different protein options.

This was dinner tonight - Grass fed ground beef, avocado, spinach, broccoli slaw (cooked), broccoli and cauliflower.

This week has been very trying!  I went out to eat last night with my dad and sister and the chef wouldn't prepare my dinner like I wanted it - which was minus rice! Really.... that was all I asked and so I resorted to getting something I didn't even want.  Oh well!  Work has been a total stress ball too!!  I am hoping to get my work hours changed a bit too, so fingers crossed!

So another day of stressed and being harassed about not eating grain and that not being "healthy".  OK, so I am over it, for now!

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