Sunday, March 17, 2013

Race Weekend!

Bad me.... I haven't posted a thing since Friday and now it's Sunday night!

So everything was pretty typical as far as food goes, though I did up the carbs by way of the sweet potato!  I was definitely higher in sugars due to an all race weekend!

Friday morning breakfast - tasty as usual!  Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and bacon!

Then add the eggs!

Close up of that bacon and sweet potato!

Saturday was an early one!  I was up by 4:30 to be ready for the Indoor Tri at Life Time.  Before the race I ate some sweet potatoes and almond butter.

After the race I came home to eggs, the last of the corned beef and veggies.  I didn't do much else besides laundry and a well deserved nap!

Dinner we met up with D's parents and brother at Peabody's in Birmingham.  I love their California Cobb - I take out the cheese, onions and dressing - The chicken is perfect with the combo of bacon and avocado!

Sunday morning was not quite as early, but early!  I had to be in Plymouth for the Shamrock and Roll 10k.  It was a sea of green!  I added on my green with some fun socks and clover stickers all over.  I again had sweet potatoes and almond butter, since it worked well yesterday.

The run was good, but it was too cold for me (24F!!) and my races always suffer because of it.  I had a good race either way, but could have been better!  

I got home from the run and made egg/pumpkin pancake with almond butter and coffee.  D and I needed to take Penny in to the vet after I got cleaned up.  We found a lump by her shoulder that ended up being nothing, so yeah!!

Cute Penny Pic!!

I went to Whole Foods after that I picked up a few groceries and their rotisserie chicken.  I pull that off the bone and had the wings and drumsticks for lunch with some brussel sprouts, cabbage and sauerkraut.  I was pretty good - can't seem to get enough protein lately.

Dinner we went to Olga's - I got their Orchard Salad with chicken, strawberries and sunflower seeds no dressing or breads.  It was pretty good, but I like the Mediterranean salad better.

So, now I am going to wind down for the night - it has been a higher sugar weekend.  I think it can be a bit difficult to do a sugar detox and have a busy race weekend.

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