Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday and it happens to be Easter

I think that I am too stressed with doing a full autoimmune profile, which I have been told that if it stresses you it is pointless to do.  I may abandon it today.  The nightshades and spices don't really concern me so much, since I have already taken those out.  The nuts, eggs and chocolate are the biggest stresses! Followed by coffee, I can easily switch to decaf and even the Dandy Blend I have been having is a fine substitution.

Here is Friday's recap!

5am wake up, followed by a pretty good Power Kitchen Yoga with the Boo.  Then breakfast:

Dandy Blend is really tasty, sounds weird but I first heard about it from Carrots'N'Cake.  That was the best part of the day!  Friday dragged and I was super tired, a few occasional bouts with a headache but would quickly pass.  I spent me lunch our at the grocery store but had enough time to get a 10 minute nap before heading back into work.  I was hungry, tired but not crabby.  But, the whole time I felt that I was so restricted by what I couldn't eat it drove me a bit crazy!

Saturday I got up and had a pretty similar breakfast to Friday - Dandy blend with vanilla coconut milk, Italian sausage link, and greens/veggie mix in coconut oil.  Next I headed to the gym for an appointment for a Run Lead position at my gym - fingers crossed.  After I had less than an hour to workout.  30 minutes in the elliptical and a quick 20 all over weight workout.  Legs, back, chest and abs - with a few mountain climbers and squat jumps in between.  I got home in time to quickly get ready.  D and I had to go to his Aunt Betty's 90th birthday party.  It was a nice time, but there was nothing there I could eat except some lettuce - and the dessert table looked so good.  I more wanted actually food and could easily skip the dessert.  Two hours later and a very cranky me - we left.  D asked what I wanted - Jimmy Johns sounded pretty good!  I got the Country Club in a lettuce wrap, without mayo, tomato and added avocado spread and cucumber.  It turns out it's not many calories - 140 so this was more like a snack! It still hit the spot!

We went to Somerset Mall to return some items and find some work shirts for D.  Wouldn't you know it, we found them in the last store we went to!  We got home after a couple hours, let the pups out and headed to dinner - Noodles & Co.  Chinese Chopped salad minus red peppers, fried wontons and dressing and adding broccoli and pulled pork - tasty!!

Easter Sunday

Today wasn't anything special - got up and made breakfast and seriously considering abandoning the autoimmune protocol for now.  As Charissa from Balanced Bites stated, if it causes too much stress then don't do it cause the stress will over ride any healthy change you are trying to make.  I think there are some tweaks I can definitely do, like nightshades.  Per Sarah, from The Paleo Mom - try cutting out nightshades first - the most important thing is to adopt a paleo lifestyle for at least 5 to 7 months and then make changes as needed.  Great Point!!  I love my eggs and almond butter too much right now to take them out.

SO, after the gym I went to Plum Market and got my whole Rotisserie chicken.  I typically will eat the drumsticks and wings for lunch and cut up the rest to lunches during the week.  I prepped the rest of the veggies and cleaned house.

D got home from his ride - I think he said he did 50-ish miles today.  He was starving when he got home so I made him gluten free pancakes with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co and bacon.  I tried a pancake that didn't turn out real great.  It was 2 egg yolks (since whites can be problematic...) a banana and coconut milk and Trader Joe's Sunflower nut butter.  I also topped it with some too!  It was good, but not quite what I was looking for, but I wasn't very hungry, the chicken from lunch really filled me up!  I also drank some Strawberry Serenity Kombucha - love that stuff and hadn't had any all week!

Have some new products I am trying out and will talk about those sometime this week!  As I type here is my usual view!  Puppies to my right!

Boodles to my left - and close!

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