Sunday, April 14, 2013

Autoimmune - Starting Over.... Again

 Yesterday was the Martian Marathon - I didn't run the full, only the half.  I know - people always laugh because I say I only ran a half.... and it was cold!!  The temp was 40-ish before the wind chill!  I almost thought I over dressed the first 6 miles, but then the temp dropped and the sleet began.  At least it was only temporary!  Lasted maybe a half mile...  The best thing was despite the cold (which I hate running in) and my knee giving me a twinge of pain, I got another PR!  13.1 in 1:45:20.  I think I could have gone on, hahahaha!!

I thought I would add a random image of Penny and Stryker.

Stryker in his typical look of why are you not giving me food right now? and no extra attention?  What gives??

This morning I am going to prepare to follow the Autoimmune Profile.  I had tried two weeks ago, but found to eliminate everything at one time was far too stressful for me.  There are two things that happened this week that are pushing me to try it again.  On Monday, I went to dinner with my dad and sister, on Tuesday I was sick and sick all week.  Why was that?  I had a tomato based sauce - now it was very tasty and had leftovers on Tuesday.  I still feel a little sick today! BLARGH!  On Friday I went to see an endocrinologist and my preliminary blood work is pointing to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - an autoimmune condition, this link goes to Rob Wolf's site which explains more.  I had additional blood work that I hope to hear back on early this week.  But, it makes sense - I have days where I am extremely tired for no reason and can't seem to recover.

After breakfast, preparing lunches for the week, a small amount of grocery shopping, it was kitchen yoga with the Boo!

The pups had to watch from the other side of the gate in the living room.  Otherwise I think I would have been pushed over and distracted more so than when it is just Boo Kitty.

So, my refrigerator is packed again for another week.  Almond milk is off the list, but there is coconut milk around.  I am not going eliminate everything all at once, it will be gradual.  Eggs are off for sure and coffee, other things will slowly go away and will give it a good month.  I will follow the advice from The Paleo Mom when adding back in foods.  There are a few things below that I really like right now.  Coconut Oil from Trader Joe's, I use it on everything.

Plantains and bananas - a good carb and the bananas are great for making soft serve!

I will try to post more of my trials and I am going to try and make a new dessert to enjoy that doesn't have almond flour, almond butter, eggs or chocolate.  I know it will be tough, but after what I went through this week and how horrible I have felt, how can I not?!

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