Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday - Paleo friendly "Oatmeal"

I saw this recipe Thursday as I regularly move through various paleo blogs looking for inspiration and new foods.  I came across this intriguing recipe from Katie Did.  It's for Coconut Flour "Oatmeal"

The only thing I changed was the egg and used a flax egg instead, since it has become known I cannot do eggs any longer.   In addition, I added a grass fed beef patty and blueberry chutney on this side.  What I added to the "Oatmeal" was a teaspoon of raspberry jam.  Though this could be completely eliminated!

After a couple hours to let this very filling breakfast digest, I got dressed to run!  It was about 60 degrees out, and I am never sure about what to wear!  You would think with as long as I have been running I would have this figured out already, but no!  I put on knickers and a long sleeve shirt.  After 3 miles I realized this was a big mistake!  I pulled off the shirt, wrapped it around my waist and ran in my sports bra.  Nothing wrong with that!  It was actually a lot more comfortable!  I actually had the fast and easiest 11 miles.  I was shocked!  Everything felt great!  LOVE THAT!!

Once I got home, I had to make a plate of brownies that a friend requested.  

While those were in the oven I got cleaned up and ate some lunch.  I still wasn't really hungry, but after burning over 800 calories I knew I should eat.  So, I still had a grass fed beef burger left, blueberry chutney (I'm on a kick!), shredded brussel sprouts, cabbage and green beans.

I had errands to run - needed to pick up more Nuun!  Was completely OUT!!  Never a good thing!  Then I went to Plum Market to get a few extras I didn't get at Trader Joe's yesterday.  The one thing I love about Plum Market is the coffee bar!  Zingerman's Iced Americano!

The it was off to Thai Peppers to pick up dinner.  I decided earlier that have dinner already at home for when D got home would be better than waiting and if he got home late, not being able to get the Thai food I have been wanting!

I have a few other things to wrap up for tonight and looking forward to having tomorrow off as well!!  Makes for a very happy me!

So here are a couple Boo kitty pics to leave you with a smile!  My friend Lori took these.  She adores him!

He loves to like your nose or just the air.... he is weird!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

No Eggs?!?!

As I have mentioned I have been following an autoimmune protocol.  I have successfully added coffee (decaf) and almond butter back in.  I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly happy that makes me!
This stuff is just too good!!  Though I will limit my consumption of it!!  No more daily nut butters, once or twice a week is more than enough!

On to the real issue... I may have a problem with eggs!  I added them in back into the diet yesterday and today I was bloated all day!  It was not a pleasant day at all.  Is it really the eggs?!  It has to be, but I don't want it to be.  Maybe I need to stay away from egg whites and just have the yolks?

Here is my egg breakfast and it was so yummy!  2 poached eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, apple sausage, avocado all topped with wild blueberry chutney! Delish!

Friday's breakfast - no eggs

Today's breakfast, no eggs either, but part of breakfast was last nights dinner - beef Bi Bim Bap from Sushi House!  Loved it!  It was shredded beef with carrots, zucchini, sprouts and bamboo shoots - no rice!

So, after reading many things last night I am concluding that I have an intolerance to eggs.  I may try just the yolks later this week to see if there is just an issue to the whites.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Autoimmune and Business!

Here are two pictures I have used for Facebook!

Red Dog Studio & Design!  Courtesy of Stryker Doo!!

Red Dog Fitness!  Again Stryker giving me his best!

So pop over to Facebook and if you are with 20 to 30 of Farmington Hills and are looking for a custom bridal gown or fitness for the big even, let me know!  I am so excited to get started!!  I have been teaching for over 5 years and designing for over 10 years.  My Facebook pages are a work in progress since I am still working full time.  It can be difficult to get everything in everyday.  

On to the autoimmune protocol.....  I got rid of just about everything over a month ago.  I added coffee back, but decaf!  That actually went really well and I saw no ill effects bringing it back.  About a week later I added almond butter, and again I have noticed no difference.  Today, I added back in eggs.  This morning was soft boiled eggs, lunch was crab cakes (crab and egg only no grain!), dinner was two ingredient pancakes with almond butter.  Of course, I had other things added to it too.  I have been following The Paleo Mom for all my autoimmune advice and I cannot wait for her book to come out.  Go to her site and the podcast The Paleo View on iTunes, she has so much wonderful information!!  If you have any condition, maybe food is the issue and what would it hurt to dive further into it.  

My face did clear up for the most part, and hasn't changed since I added food back in.  I am grateful for that!!  I have to credit that to Primal Life Organics, hopefully soon I can post a picture of perfect skin!  That would be wonderful!  

On another paleo note I stumbled on a great blog Katie Did.  She has a recipe for "Oatmeal" that I need to try, looks so wonderful.  Not to mention the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies - YUM!!  I will definitely post up when I make both of those!!

Have you ever done a food trial?  Did it make any difference?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Business Beginnings - Red Dog Studio & Design

Ok, first off - I think every start should begin with a cute puppy picture!  Hence - Stryker Doo!!  You would have thought he spent some time being very active, but don't bet on that!

Next, a picture of what we ate!  This was my "breakfast" after being at a very easy not even 5k this morning with my co-worker Amy.  She is so fun to be with and she is getting married next month.  Joy!!  We were at the Walk & Wag and Run at Rolling Hills Park in Ypsilanti benefiting The Humane Society of Huron Valley.  The raised a lot of money and I got a cool swag bag filled with puppy stuff!!

I got up around 6 and had a cup of decaf, a slice of turkey bacon and a banana.  Just a little something to hold me over till this deliciousness that I had when I got back around 10:30.  A grass-fed burger and nitrate local bacon (hidden under veggies), broccoli, cauliflower and green beans.  I also added a little bit of fig butter.  I am trying to get through that so I can open the blueberry chutney I bought in D.C!  Oh and see Stryker eyeing my food in the background - Typical!!

I just made my facebook page for Red Dog Studio & Design and Red Dog Fitness.  I figured on FB it would be better  to combine them, at least for now.  I have to populate it with tons of great info and pictures.  It's a work in progress, but my hope is to be "full time" office (not in my home) free by August/September.  

In addition to starting these two branches of business and working as a run coach at Life Time Fitness in Commerce I will begin working with FitnessRx teaching classes.  So far I have 7 classes I am teaching - Livonia and Huntington Woods for now, until I add more.  Any interest in these classes or training through Red Dog just click on over!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Recap of DC!

Gaylord Convention Center!  I must say this was a beautiful place to be

Here was the view from the ferry we took to go to Alexandria.  Isn't that the coolest sculpture coming out of the sand!

The storm was coming and we weren't even there yet!  Luckily the rain was light!

A few views of the main drag.

This was my first breakfast.... which I previously commented on.  Hmmpf!

This was the sunset on the second day at National Harbor, so beautiful.

The last night there we went to Bond 45 where I had the best filet mignon, it melted in your mouth like butter.  Look at the size of that asparagus spear, despite it being cut up!

The last breakfast there in the hotel room, much more affordable then what I had the first day.

Over all, it really was a great trip!  Though I am glad I am home.  Not much for words on this trip, but these really were the highlights!  I spent my days in the exhibit hall and talked to potential customers for 9 hours each day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

DC Time! That's how much?!

This week I am in DC for a conference!  Staying here at the Gaylord Convention Center.

The room is very comfortable and has everything that is needed!

Here was my breakfast this morning.  Very paleo, once I added my canned salmon and a banana.  Of course, this is room service so it was Pricey!!  $32 for a pot of tea and bacon.... Whoa! LOL!!

I will be posting more of this trip later.  What is the most you ever paid for room service and received so little?