Thursday, May 23, 2013

Autoimmune and Business!

Here are two pictures I have used for Facebook!

Red Dog Studio & Design!  Courtesy of Stryker Doo!!

Red Dog Fitness!  Again Stryker giving me his best!

So pop over to Facebook and if you are with 20 to 30 of Farmington Hills and are looking for a custom bridal gown or fitness for the big even, let me know!  I am so excited to get started!!  I have been teaching for over 5 years and designing for over 10 years.  My Facebook pages are a work in progress since I am still working full time.  It can be difficult to get everything in everyday.  

On to the autoimmune protocol.....  I got rid of just about everything over a month ago.  I added coffee back, but decaf!  That actually went really well and I saw no ill effects bringing it back.  About a week later I added almond butter, and again I have noticed no difference.  Today, I added back in eggs.  This morning was soft boiled eggs, lunch was crab cakes (crab and egg only no grain!), dinner was two ingredient pancakes with almond butter.  Of course, I had other things added to it too.  I have been following The Paleo Mom for all my autoimmune advice and I cannot wait for her book to come out.  Go to her site and the podcast The Paleo View on iTunes, she has so much wonderful information!!  If you have any condition, maybe food is the issue and what would it hurt to dive further into it.  

My face did clear up for the most part, and hasn't changed since I added food back in.  I am grateful for that!!  I have to credit that to Primal Life Organics, hopefully soon I can post a picture of perfect skin!  That would be wonderful!  

On another paleo note I stumbled on a great blog Katie Did.  She has a recipe for "Oatmeal" that I need to try, looks so wonderful.  Not to mention the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies - YUM!!  I will definitely post up when I make both of those!!

Have you ever done a food trial?  Did it make any difference?

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