Saturday, May 18, 2013

Business Beginnings - Red Dog Studio & Design

Ok, first off - I think every start should begin with a cute puppy picture!  Hence - Stryker Doo!!  You would have thought he spent some time being very active, but don't bet on that!

Next, a picture of what we ate!  This was my "breakfast" after being at a very easy not even 5k this morning with my co-worker Amy.  She is so fun to be with and she is getting married next month.  Joy!!  We were at the Walk & Wag and Run at Rolling Hills Park in Ypsilanti benefiting The Humane Society of Huron Valley.  The raised a lot of money and I got a cool swag bag filled with puppy stuff!!

I got up around 6 and had a cup of decaf, a slice of turkey bacon and a banana.  Just a little something to hold me over till this deliciousness that I had when I got back around 10:30.  A grass-fed burger and nitrate local bacon (hidden under veggies), broccoli, cauliflower and green beans.  I also added a little bit of fig butter.  I am trying to get through that so I can open the blueberry chutney I bought in D.C!  Oh and see Stryker eyeing my food in the background - Typical!!

I just made my facebook page for Red Dog Studio & Design and Red Dog Fitness.  I figured on FB it would be better  to combine them, at least for now.  I have to populate it with tons of great info and pictures.  It's a work in progress, but my hope is to be "full time" office (not in my home) free by August/September.  

In addition to starting these two branches of business and working as a run coach at Life Time Fitness in Commerce I will begin working with FitnessRx teaching classes.  So far I have 7 classes I am teaching - Livonia and Huntington Woods for now, until I add more.  Any interest in these classes or training through Red Dog just click on over!

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