Friday, May 17, 2013

Recap of DC!

Gaylord Convention Center!  I must say this was a beautiful place to be

Here was the view from the ferry we took to go to Alexandria.  Isn't that the coolest sculpture coming out of the sand!

The storm was coming and we weren't even there yet!  Luckily the rain was light!

A few views of the main drag.

This was my first breakfast.... which I previously commented on.  Hmmpf!

This was the sunset on the second day at National Harbor, so beautiful.

The last night there we went to Bond 45 where I had the best filet mignon, it melted in your mouth like butter.  Look at the size of that asparagus spear, despite it being cut up!

The last breakfast there in the hotel room, much more affordable then what I had the first day.

Over all, it really was a great trip!  Though I am glad I am home.  Not much for words on this trip, but these really were the highlights!  I spent my days in the exhibit hall and talked to potential customers for 9 hours each day.

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