Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday - Paleo friendly "Oatmeal"

I saw this recipe Thursday as I regularly move through various paleo blogs looking for inspiration and new foods.  I came across this intriguing recipe from Katie Did.  It's for Coconut Flour "Oatmeal"

The only thing I changed was the egg and used a flax egg instead, since it has become known I cannot do eggs any longer.   In addition, I added a grass fed beef patty and blueberry chutney on this side.  What I added to the "Oatmeal" was a teaspoon of raspberry jam.  Though this could be completely eliminated!

After a couple hours to let this very filling breakfast digest, I got dressed to run!  It was about 60 degrees out, and I am never sure about what to wear!  You would think with as long as I have been running I would have this figured out already, but no!  I put on knickers and a long sleeve shirt.  After 3 miles I realized this was a big mistake!  I pulled off the shirt, wrapped it around my waist and ran in my sports bra.  Nothing wrong with that!  It was actually a lot more comfortable!  I actually had the fast and easiest 11 miles.  I was shocked!  Everything felt great!  LOVE THAT!!

Once I got home, I had to make a plate of brownies that a friend requested.  

While those were in the oven I got cleaned up and ate some lunch.  I still wasn't really hungry, but after burning over 800 calories I knew I should eat.  So, I still had a grass fed beef burger left, blueberry chutney (I'm on a kick!), shredded brussel sprouts, cabbage and green beans.

I had errands to run - needed to pick up more Nuun!  Was completely OUT!!  Never a good thing!  Then I went to Plum Market to get a few extras I didn't get at Trader Joe's yesterday.  The one thing I love about Plum Market is the coffee bar!  Zingerman's Iced Americano!

The it was off to Thai Peppers to pick up dinner.  I decided earlier that have dinner already at home for when D got home would be better than waiting and if he got home late, not being able to get the Thai food I have been wanting!

I have a few other things to wrap up for tonight and looking forward to having tomorrow off as well!!  Makes for a very happy me!

So here are a couple Boo kitty pics to leave you with a smile!  My friend Lori took these.  She adores him!

He loves to like your nose or just the air.... he is weird!

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