Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday - First Class of the Summer!

I first need to recap my week!  I just noticed I haven't posted anything all week!!  I guess there should have been something exciting for me to post, but there really wasn't anything.

I think the most important thing is my training this week.  I am gearing up for Marathon Training, which starts at the end of the month through Life Time Fitness in Commerce.  That's always exciting!  My mom is coming up, which is also at the end of the month!  July 21st is He Tried/She Tried which I will be participating at with a friend from the gym.  Should be a lot of fun!!

In August I will be doing my 2nd Tri, an Olympic length at Island Lake Summer Triathlon.  

Ok, so what was my week like after 11 miles last Sunday?  Monday morning was spinning from 5am to 6am.  Tuesday morning was elliptical and weights.  I thought that night I would be running with Run Club at Life Time Commerce but I worked the table.  So Wednesday morning I ended up running as well as Thursday morning.  Friday was pool day!  I had the best and most laps.  I am feeling more confident for these two Tri's coming up!!

Friday I went to the grocery store, one of my local favorites!! Plum Market.  They have great coffee bar and now have almond and coconut milk!!  Woot!  I can get a latte again :)  HAPPINESS!

Today was a great day as well.  I got up early, since it was suppose to be on the warmer side.  I wanted to run before it got too hot out.  I was up at 6am and out the door by 6:30 for a quick 6 mile run.  I got home and cleaned up, ate breakfast.  Breakfast was left over Asian from last night - Beef Bi Bim Bap.  Really tasty!  I added broccoli and some extra chicken.

This morning was my first class of the summer.  I went to Lahser High School for Body Tone.  Class was suppose to be in the gym, but everything was locked!!  So we had to hold class outside which ended up being beautiful!  We had 2 chipmunks running around us the whole time.  No where to plug in music, but the sounds around us where good enough!

Class went from 9 to 10 and then I was off!  I always look forward to teaching and will be doing a lot more with FitnessRx and Red Dog Fitness in the Fall!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Random Things - This weeks recap!

This week was a much better week I have to say!  I started prepping for my personal training certificate.  Going rather well already.  Most of the information is a repeat of what I learned in school when I was thinking of going into nursing.

Here is a typical morning scene - Stryker and Penny playing - Though we call it Fight Club!

I think Penny was really yawning, but who knows!

Stryker Begging for my breakfast or lunch or dinner.... he is always begging when I am in the kitchen!

All my meals look the same - except for the meat, this was breakfast - sausage is the giveaway!

Saturday morning I went to Northville to Run the Kona Aloha 10k.  I got 3rd in my age group and 68 overall - out of 1491.  Not bad!

I should take pictures of what I wear when I race!  Saturday morning I think the temp was around 58.  I should have wore a short sleeve, but opted for a Nike long sleeve purple shirt and my Nike running capris.  Naturally I was wearing my New Balance 890's - the limited edition Komen pink!  I was hoping for warmer weather I had this orange and pink top/short combo that was screaming ALOHA! LOL!  Next race is Island Lake Tri in August - the olympic!  I really need to get into the pool more!  After that maybe Lansing's half marathon.  I would love to go to Disney and do The Twilight of Terror 10k in October - will have to see about that since Detroit is shortly after that.

Then we headed to D's race at Addison Oaks.  He took 6th in his age group. Yeah!

This week will have more training and ramping up my Sunday long runs.  Tomorrow morning is spinning at 5am!  Today I did 11 miles, next week D has a Sunday race so will have to do my long run on Saturday after I teach my new class at 9am.

Pancakes! Finally!

Finally!!  I found a recipe I could adapt to make egg free pancakes!  This recipe is adapted from Banana Pancakes from Against All Grain

4 tbs. potato starch
1 tsp baking soda +  1 tbs water + 1 tbs vinegar
1/4 c coconut or almond milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs coconut flour
1/3 c almond flour
1/2 tsp baking soda (yes more)
1 banana mashed

Mix all together in a bowl and splat onto skillet.  Cook until desired color and flip.  Easy Peasy!!

On a down note I have been eating way too many nuts and nut butters.  So I need to make sure I only do this once a week.  This was way worth it though!  Pancakes with almond butter, 2 chicken & maple links and 2 strips of bacon.  It was most delish!

I am going to continue my journey though of coming up with a nut free, egg free totally AIP friendly pancake!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bad Week!

:(  Thursday pretty much all day, I wasn't feeling well.  I could have cared less for anything that was going on!  I should have known this sign that I was quickly going downhill!  Whether it was doing too much or eating something I shouldn't - possibly a combination of both?!  I got home and tried a new "pancake" recipe with coconut flour (didn't work).  I noticed an odd reaction - a burning sensation in my throat with each bite.  No, I didn't finish them - I did eat the almond butter on top though along with some chicken sausages and rotisserie chicken.  I felt completely nauseous the rest of the night and into Friday - along with complete head fog and lethargy.  

I should automatically know that when my mood shifts that the next day is going to be the worse.  In this case it was.  Exhaustion kicked in the next day and could barely do a thing.  I thought going to get a massage would help and it really just did the opposite.  I got a complete headache and sinus pressure from my face in the head cushion.  Not the greatest massage I have had.  Mental note not to get ther "newer" person again.

Saturday I ran 6 miles at the gym, followed by Sunday's 10 mile run.  Sunday's run was much worse than Saturday's.  I wanted to go longer, but my body just wasn't responding.  Monday and Tuesday..... repeat repeat and repeat some more.  Work was not going very well at all either day.

Today is Wednesday - almost a full week later.  I took the morning off from the gym and slept till almost 6am!  Shocker!!  Never happens during the week.  Today though I feel "normal" again!!  YES!

What have I learned from this. Well, I did post before that I cannot have eggs and at minimum egg whites.  Debating on trying egg yolks tomorrow, we shall see.  I was also heavily into sauerkraut a week prior to this.  After finding a great support group on Facebook I think this was the big trigger into this recent episode!  Medication for Hashimoto's is a possibility but I still am not sure I want to go down that road yet.