Thursday, July 4, 2013

Distractions! Happy 4th of July!

I have been totally distracted the last few weeks!  Of course my mom was here too, which lead to more distractions!

I hope she doesn't mind!! LOL  She just loves her Stryker Doo!!

Work has been so so and trying to work on Red Dog Fitness and Studio/Designs, but there has been so little time!  It's a slow process that I really need to speed up!  I just got my wholesale account with American Apparel (JOY!) for t-shirts and who knows what else at this point.  But the t-shirts will be silk screened with the Red Dog logo!  Very excited it get to that!

Yesterday, my mom went home.  We had a great time yesterday at Rolling Hill Park in Ypsilanti the water park was great and everyone had a great time.  My sister, her 3 kids, my mom and I too.  My back got super burnt!  Ouchie!  I have spent the last week with all of them and it has been great!

My sister was super sweet this week and made me a paleo friendly cupcake!  The recipe is from Elana's Pantry Coconut Cupcake with Key Lime Icing.  Not sure if eggs in the batter is an issue or not, but I also didn't eat the frosting ether.  I have one left and eating it tonight, topped with almond butter.

This morning, ah 4th of July!  No work again (though I have to go in tomorrow - insert frowny face).  D got up early and went for an over 100 mile ride with some friends.  I went to Life Time Fitness - Commerce for Run Club.  We had a small turnout and it was a steamy run!

Here is the group - we post our pics on our Facebook page too!

On the downside I have been having a lot of digestional upset that has been throwing my long runs off tremendously!  I figured chocolate was the issue - so I got rid of that and was better, but now I am not completely sure what is the cause.  Another bad thing is I have to be at Kensington for Marathon training on Sunday morning at 6:30 am.  I am certainly hoping I can get something figured out before then!  (again - insert frowny face here).  It really makes me nervous to think about and of course that only makes it worse!

So, it's all about being calm - I know I can manage that.... I think!

Hope everyone's 4th was great and Friday is a free day from work (except me!)  I am sure I will be tortured and be the one that has to stay the whole day!  Typical!

Until next time!  It won't be that long - hopefully!

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