Friday, July 12, 2013

More Autoimmune - Darn that Hashimoto's!

The weekend!!! Finally!

This week sure has had it's ups and downs!  I think there were more downs than ups though!

What does this weekend have in store?

Tomorrow, up at 5am - 6 to 8 mile run followed by an hour(ish) in the pool for laps.  Must prepare more for next weekends Tri!  Sunday, up at 4am, to the gym for 6 to 8 miles, then to Kensington to run with the marathon group, probably another 8 miles and then 2 loops of Island Lake.

I'm tired just thinking about that!

Thought I would recap a couple meals this week.  Really they all look the same!  Really they are all for breakfast, except for the pancakes!!  Hmmm..... looks like I am flipping my meals, doesn't it?!  Well Thursday is pancake night at the house.  I posted the fabulous AIP friendly recipe :)  Of course, mine have almond butter on theme.... I really need to cut back on that addicting stuff!  Barney Butter is the best and they have new flavors that I cannot wait to try out!

Thursday night - Pancake Night!

Tuesday I went to see my endocrinologist for a follow up.  We decided to opt for more test, this time focusing on my pituitary gland and the hormones that coincide.  She also suggested to get DHA, which I got right away and have been taking it 3 times per day.  Hope it makes a difference!

After I treated myself to coffee at Biggby - simple decaf.  I know it's boring, but I am following my modified AIP and they don't have coconut milk and I cannot do any dairy.

Blood draw, nice how they make it look like it was a bigger deal than what it really was.

Plans for the rest of the weekend??  The only thing I got besides side work and grocery shopping is figuring out supplements!

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