Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Happenings and Reflecting on AIP

Saturday, Saturday, ah Saturday!!

It really should be the first time to sleep in, right?!  WRONG!! Bazinga!  As of right now, I am up by 6am and out the door running (literally) by 6:30 am.

Today was to be a busy morning at least and all planned out.  Yeah right!  No one was going by what I had originally set up.

After a quick 6 mile run (I know!) I came home, showered and ate breakfast.  Not to forget the coffee, it was there too!  I had to get Nostrand to the groomer for her first Lion Cut, which is so cute!  I love how she feels!

Now tell me that is a cute kitty!!  She may be one of the original grumpy cats, but she is actually purring!

To continue my tale... the groomer was suppose to open early, she didn't :(  I had to rush back home, wake up D and have him take her back for 9 so I could go to Bloomfield Hills to teach my 9 am class.  I actually made it with a few minutes to spare and then everyone was late!! HA!  It worked out.  Then, about 15 minutes before class ended, as I checked the time.  I noticed I had a voicemail, thought it was the groomer.  Nope!  It was Home Depot delivering my tile that was suppose to be delivered after 1 today... 3 hours early.  Again, I was lucky, D was still home!  Whew!

The rest of the day has been pretty laid back.  Preparing for tomorrow's run.  I am coaching the Life Time Fitness - Commerce Marathon Training program for the morning.  Going to be a nice run.


Having an autoimmune is not fun, did someone say it was suppose to be?!  I think not!  I took out chocolate within the last 2 weeks.  I have been having a lot of digestion issue during my run and thought maybe that was to blame, maybe a little.  I also removed all leafy vegetables - cooked or not, a little better yet.  This mornings run I had no issues!  YES!  Friday at work was a pretty bad day.  Every few weeks I seem to get extreme fatigue.  The funny thing is I went to the gym that morning and swam laps for almost an hour.  It wasn't until I got home that I could barely keep my eye's open.  

I have found a great support group on Facebook that I am learning a great amount from.  You would think that following an AIP would be pretty easy, but what one can eat the other can't and we have similar reactions, but not always to the same foods.

Medications?  No, I am refusing those at this time.  I know, but if they make you feel better then why wouldn't you?  I just don't want to be on it forever.  I would rather figure it out and correct it with food, we shall see how it goes.

Saturday night is just beginning, thinking about where to go for dinner and have a very early 4:30 am wake up!  I am splitting up my runs for tomorrow - half at the gym half at Kensington.  After that, breakfast and a nap! :)  Happy Sunday!

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