Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Weekend / Bad Eats - How AIP isn't easy on the road

Yes,  I have to admit - I did know about this trip well in advance.  I really didn't think I needed to "over" prepare with extra food.  I thought I would have more than enough choices... but clearly when you fill a big dinner plate like this for each meal - you are never prepared!

I have posted 3 recipes on Pinterest and Facebook for easy AIP recipes, but not good for travel!  Well I think the muffins would have travelled better.... maybe.  So what did I take?  Here is my list:

Coconut Chips
Packages of Nut Butters - mostly Peanut Butter (not Paleo - it's ok - I am not perfect)
Paleo Trail Mix
Coconut Butter and Oil

I thought I would have had a few extra options since the breakfast at the hotel was a "hot" breakfast.  Little did I remember that it meant - eggs (a no no), waffles (a no no), cereals.... so basically a lot of grain/gluten products.  The first morning I had bacon - about 2 pieces and decaf coffee.  I dropped D and his brother off at their race and had a banana and peanut butter.  I went back to our room and got ready to head down town Marquette to a Lake Shore Drive park to go run.  It was beautiful!

Lake Superior is quite beautiful!

I didn't take any additional pictures on the run though.  I did pass where I would later be picking up D and his brother, quite exciting!!  So, since I already had not eaten very well the day before and on top of that think I got a little car sick (8 hours of travel with stops!! UGH!)  I wasn't feeling the best - my digestive system just seemed incredibly irritated.  I kept my run to a quick 6 miles.  The fresh air was exactly what I needed to break my crabbiness! LOL - I do feel sorry for everyone that I came in contact with - I wasn't the most pleasant - and I slept a lot too!

I got back to the hotel to stretch and quickly shower - it was time to drive back downtown and pick the boys up! and boy were they messy!

Everyone was covered in mud - head to toe!  If you didn't already guess we were at Ore to Shore.

Those are dirty legs!

We went to lunch, followed by a museum in the downtown a nap and then dinner.  All of which were either under the amount I normally eat or things added that I couldn't and I was tired of sending things back at that point!  Irritating to my already irritated system :(

Sunday morning was an early one!  I couldn't sleep and finally decided to get up at 5:30am to get ready to leave.  Breakfast was sausages (4), a banana, peanut butter (1 tbs.) and decaf coffee.  Not bad, but the sausages where spicy - ugh was not helping!  We stopped in Mackinac for lunch and to pick up fudge for my sister - her request - Chocolate and Rocky Road!

Car pic - going over the bridge.  When you are actually on it, it doesn't look like it's 5 miles to cross, that is until you look at this picture!

Lunch was at a local restaurant - we hoped for actual lunch but had t settle for breakfast - again not good since it is SO limiting!

We left and headed for home - taking an extra hour due to traffic (as usual).  I finished up the day with grocery shopping and dinner at Red Robin.

Today is 2 days since we came back and I am feeling pretty good today.  I ran 10 miles this morning and had my big breakfast with a banana a ton of vegetables and chicken sausages!  So tasty!!

Any problems you have had during a long trip?

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