Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why I keep eating foods that are not AIP! They taste good and it's bad!

I haven't posted in a while!  Busy busy and some more busy.

An interview that couldn't work with my schedule, a part time job I am looking forward to starting and all in all just general stress.  The stress is making me feel bloated.  I don't look it, I don't think?!  But I am feeling it for sure.  I haven't changed anything about my eating and my weight hasn't changed.

STRESS - We just don't go together! :(

How do I deal with it?!  You got it!!  Nut butters and chocolate.  I am not talking about super binges here!  I am not sitting down to a whole jar of nut butter with chocolate chips dumped inside, but can you imagine that heaven?!


YYYYUUUUMMMMM!!!!  (drool!!)

What I really do is make a "mug" cake from arrowroot powder, coconut flour and coconut milk and top it with chocolate frosting and chips..... yeah, it's pretty delish for sure!

This weekend we are going out of town for 3 days, yes, in general it' going to be tough being AIP.  I am looking it as an opportunity to break my nightly dessert habit that is just not serving me.  It's always easier when you are out of town, not sure why that is, but it is!

Maybe my face will finally clear up as well!!  Wouldn't that be nice :)  When I was completely AIP my face looked great, and then it went down hill!!  Crap!  What else that helped was my line from Primal Life Organics!  I love the products that Trina has, they work beautifully.  When I get clear again (after not eating those things that I shouldn't) I will take some pics!  My break out areas are my temples and chin and a little on the cheeks.  Not pretty and it makes me self conscious.

Ok - So starting tomorrow (and since I will be gone all freakin day -LOL) I can begin the healing process (again!)  I really need to not stay away so long from posting!  Eek Gads!

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