Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No Bake Pumpkin Muffin - AIP Friendly

A no bake muffin?!  Yes.... what is the secret?  Gelatin!  Gelatin??  Yes, you did read that right!  Gelatin is not only a great binder but also provides needed protein.  Just read this blog from The Paleo Mom about binders.

The recipe comes from Grass Fed Girl a "newer" to me blog.

Of course, I add Enjoy Life's Chocolate Chips - So to be AIP compliant get rid of those chips!

They are more like a custard but look like a muffin.

They are very pumpkin in taste and if pumpkin isn't your thing than it could be switched up with almost anything I would think.  Maybe banana or even sweet potato would be excellent!  Next time no chocolate either so truly AIP friendly!

Okay, so I know I have said this I don't know how many times..... but nuts are out again.  I don't think I have had any in a couple days.  AS WELL as chocolate.  I know, these muffins have chocolate chips in them.  Well, this recipe was made several days ago and they are now gone.

I just have to resist any temptation when D has his chocolate dessert.  Oh how hard that could be, but I have done it before so I can do it again.  I may try 30 or more days out to reintroduce.  I really need to learn to not overdo it, so not everyday!  I know, duh right!!  Easier said than done.... those two things are so addicting!

What is the oddest ingredient you have used in baking or cooking?


  1. Those look great! I also have a chocolate addiction, but I'm on my 30th day of the AIP.

    1. Yeah, I keep going on and off! I have come to the point of where not having chocolate is ok, but nut butters I love too much. I put peanut butter back in and haven't had a reaction! I am very picky about where I get them and the ingredients.