Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I need/want Sponsors!!

Here I am (Driving in D's ST - coming back from one of his races)!  I have been away from blogging.... been busy - employment change!  A good thing for sure!

OK, so I am studying (no not at this moment) for this exam that is exactly 48 hours from now, and training for Detroit's marathon in 11 days (I think) and it's a little overwhelming since the brain can't seem to focus!!

It likes to wander... and forget.... FRUSTRATING!  But, as I was driving home this afternoon to continue studying and thinking I am not making any money right now and want to do more races... what to do?!?!

I NEED Sponsors!!  Elementary, isn't it!  I am not super fast by any means, but I do come in the 10% of my age group consistently, that should add up to something, right?!

So, what products (food and clothing) have I used that has given me success so far?  Well, I will list them and in no particular order!! 

Justin's Nut Butter's
Nikki's Coconut Butter - Vanilla Cake Batter!
Barney Butter
Peanut Butter & Company
(What you think I like nut butter's or something?!)
Nuun - LOVE Tropical!!
Generation UCAN - want to try the Protein packs!
New Balance Running Shoes - 890v my current love!  Just bought the Garmin!

Garmin Forerunner 610 Monitor - Getting so worn out from 3+ years of use!
Experia socks
Balega socks
Nike Running Tights or Capri's, Tops
Brooks Running Capri's, Tops
New Balance Tops
Sport's Bras.... good question.. I have a variety!

What I super need out of these groups
Gloves - my hands NEVER stay warm!!
Insulated Jackets and tights

I plan on running more outdoors this winter and I FREEZE no matter what!

Is that too lengthy or needy???  Ha!  Probably way to needy!  But, I have to get ready for Boston!  I want to be be under 3:20!  I shall see soon what Detroit offers up.  I have put in the training and have fallen more in love with running since I have been doing more outdoors.  I just need to be prepared!

OK, so here is a question - If you are a runner what is your favorite gear and time of year and day (morning, evening) to run.

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