Friday, November 29, 2013

Runner, AIP Paleo (trying!), wanna be blogger (or more consistently!)

I wanna be a blogger.... I have the blog, I just don't write.  Really I want to be a lot of things and I can only do so much at this time.  Mostly I try to do WAY too much and things begin to suffer (like blogging!)  I am sure I can do this on a more consistent basis, others can why can't I?!

So, I should recap from where I left off at the beginning of October.  First, I switched jobs, yeah me!  Less stress a definite bonus!  I ran the Detroit Marathon.  I could of had a new PR but decided to take two bathroom breaks, it cost me an extra 3 minutes.  I am fine with that.  I am coaching as well, which I love.  OH!!  How could I forget, a week after Detroit I ran the Kona Wicked Halloween 10k and PR'd!  Couldn't believe it.... but I just ran that same course again for the Kona Chocolate 10k and was 30 seconds slower... so I was tired!  The chocolate chip marshmallow in the hot chocolate (courtesy of Panera Bread!) was worth it!  Well only had a couple sips, it bothered my stomach.  It's all ok though!

Ok -what else from there?  Boston is on the books and maybe the Nike Women's Half Marathon a week after that (crazy - I know).  I also just signed up for Muncie Half Ironman in July.  After that I may calm it down a bit.  I may just focus on half marathons for a while.  I am coaching the Commitment Day Run at Life Time - what a great group!!  I look forward to training with them 3 days a week!

Runner portion is out of the way!

On to Paleo AIP!

I have still not gone full blown AIP - since May for a month.  I did have that good solid month and my face cleared up finally.... then it went down hill and I completely immersed myself in nut butters until this week.  My chin has gotten so bad that I cannot stand it anymore.  D says my skin has always been bad and that my "diet" is not helping it and if I just went back to eating grains... I am sure he is joking. 

What do I consume that I shouldn't be, at least for a while?

Nut Butters - think I am better with peanut butters (not paleo...) than almond butter
Coffee  - thought I think I am okay with this one
Spices - I am not so strict about this one and should be
Soy - it sneaks in every now and then
Dairy - by means of butter when we eat out
Gluten - when we eat out or a don't check a label carefully enough

I am currently re-evaluating all my protocols right down to supplements and I think that since I have taken on some Whey Protein it is what has caused my most recent really bad acne breakouts.  ARG!!  I am anxiously awaiting The Paleo Mom's new book - The Autoimmune Approach coming out end of December!!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I think the most thing I ate was Turkey!  Like 5 pounds of Turkey!!  I feel like a stuffed turkey today.  I was actually surprised I was even hungry today!

But, it was a really great day with family.  I got to my dad's house early to help him and of course harass each other like we normally do, too fun!  Really, how can this picture not scream fun?!

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