Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Tale of Two Cookies!

It just popped in my mind…. I was making two types of cookies today from two different bloggers and I thought… well… what the heck!  Let's call it a tale, I guess it really is.  I could go into the tale of my crazy weekend and how I ended up making two different cookies today.

Here it goes…

I was at the gym yesterday morning, coaching the run club as I have for several mornings.  I ran 4 outside and then came inside to run 6 with the girls.  I was talking to two different runners about two totally an completely separate projects (since I am SO ADD!!) and we ran indoors, due to possible ice and crazy traffic and I just didn't want to take that chance with any one's life but my own.  Long story short, we agreed to meet up at another location to avoid the traffic, a park on the other side of the road near the path we take.

On my way to Plum Market to do an exchange and pick up a few items I noticed a missed call from another pt job that I didn't need to come in, yeah and boo at the same time!  So I got to take my time at the market and when I got home I decided to jump on my new spinner for 45 minutes (have to prep for that half ironman coming up!).

D and little D got home a few hours later and little D wanted to play with his friend, so that went on until 11:30 at night!!  OMG!!  Enough….  So, when I went to bed, sleep wasn't great and both dogs and the cat were in bed at one point as well, hogging and wanting attention.  D decided to come in bed at some point, so I was squished in between everyone!  He got up at some point and slept on the chair in the living room.  I finally had enough at 7am and got up too.

No one came to training, boo hop…. I don't like when I run alone in the gym on the treadmill.  I have been avoiding that at all costs when I can, but it's going to be a warmer week and that means a lot of outdoor running and next weekend especially!

But how did I come up with these two cookies?  I saw on FB The Clothes that make the Girl did a review of Leanne Vogel's of Healthful Pursuit's new cookbook, Christmas Dessert Freedom.  The recipe was right what I have been wanting!!  Paleo (AIP-Friendly Maple Shortbread Cookies!  You can also see this here!  If the dough is as good as what the final cookie will be I am in heaven!!

The other cookie and not to be label as "just another cookie" is from Averie Cooks, her Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  You can also see them here!  I used Peanut Butter & Co, Smooth Operator and Enjoy Life's Chocolate Chips.  I have been drooling over this recipe for months!  Honestly, I drool over most of her recipes, but most are gluten filled, but not all.  If I really wanted to adapt her recipes to fit the Paleo realm I would, but I could be lazy sometimes.

I decided to half the recipe since I also made an Almond Butter Mousse from My Whole Food Life, too yesterday.  I am hung up on desserts, like I typically am.  I also need to work on my photography, but can only do so much with this camera!  Luckily all these can be frozen so I don't eat them all at the same time!  I am upping my training so maybe it's a good excuse? No, I didn't think it was either.

I think I made my tale short enough.  Little D has gone home for the weekend, D is out riding and I am cleaning up the house and prepping for the week ahead!

What is one thing that it took you months to finally make?

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